There are numerous types of attorneys in the world and amongst them are personal injury lawyers.

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Personal Injury Attorneys represent victims that were involved in an accident that injured them either physically, financially or even emotionally. Without the proper representation, it’s easy for an individual to be denied the right to compensation from injuries sustained due to another person’s negligence or fault.

Getting proper representation means having a personal injury lawyer that is well versed with your particular kind of injury. Let’s look at the different types of personal injury s and the types of injuries they handle.

Personal injury attorneys can be categorized by location and the type of injuries they handle.


There are those attorneys that solve injuries for clients in urban cities while there are those that represent those in rural areas. The types of accidents that happen in rural and urban areas are completely different. For instance, accidents that occur in urban areas are caused by cars, falling down an office staircase, getting trampled on industry premises, etc. if you get injured while in town, make sure to hire an injury lawyer from the same town.

Types of injuries

Injury lawyers are also classified by the types of injury claims they represent. Under this category, the following personal injury attorneys can be found;

Car Accident Attorneys

In most parts of the world, car accidents top the lists of personal injury cases. Accidents normally happen because someone is either driving recklessly or ignoring the road signs. When a reckless person rams your car and you get injured, a car accident attorney will be right individual to help you get compensated.


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Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical claims occur when health care providers fail to provide competent and sufficient medical care that results in a patient getting injured. If such happens, a personal injury attorney dealing with medical malpractice will be a valuable source of help to you. Malpractice cases are extremely complicated and are not recommended to be handled by a general lawyer.

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Fall claims are other common personal injury cases filed in courts. Property owners, landlords and industry owners have the mandate to keep those within their premises safe. If for one reason or another the premises owner ignores to keep at bay objects that are hazardous and you get injured in the process, the property owner is liable for that. A personal injury attorney specializing in slip and fall claims can help you file a successful complain

Caution should be taken while filing slip and fall claims as they can be easily dismissed off as individual acts of recklessness and not being careful while walking.

Defamation of Character

Defamation injury occurs when another individual speaks ill of you or utters statements that are untrue about you. This kind of claim is normally filed by celebrities or highly performing industries. Defamation can alter one’s reputation and in the process lower your market value or the value of your goods. A defamation personal injury attorney is the right individual to help you seek compensation when your reputation gets soiled by untrue statements.

Dog bites

With many people walking around with their pets, dog bites have become rampant. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to pay for the damages caused. A dog bite lawyer is a personal injury lawyer that is well placed to help you win you case.

Battery and Assault Claims

These are classified as intentional torts in courts of law. When an individual assaults you intentionally, you have the right to file a complaint against them. Intentional torts are also considered criminal cases since they are done with an intention. Such cases are handled by personal injury lawyers dealing with intentional tort law.

Getting compensated for injuries sustained in an accident provides relief especially for those who unfortunately lost their ability to work. The money paid can help in supporting your family as you look for other means of earning money. Therefore, it is very important that your select an injury lawyer that is well qualified in handling an injury you’ve sustained rather than going for a general personal injury lawyer.

Truth be told, don’t expect it to be so easy in finding an injury lawyer that is trained in handling a specific injury. However, if you go for a general personal injury lawyer, ensure he has successfully solved a case like yours before. 

Other specific attorneys to consider are-

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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